About Starter

A place where athletes and coaches connect.

No more missed opportunities. From youth sports to college, Starter offers athletes and coaches a way to connect. Whether you’re in the same city or anywhere in the world, the Starter app offers access to important information - right at your fingertips.

Athletes can build a profile to showcase their talent and easily filter through a list of schools and teams to find a good match. From highlights of an athlete’s abilities to the schedules where you can see them live, coaches can get all the details of a potential prospect through their profile. They can filter potential players according to their needs.

How Does The Starter App Work?

For Athletes

Create a profile, upload video highlights, and share information you want coaches to know about you - things like the teams you play for, the positions you can play, your important stats, and how to contact you. You can update your profile at any time. Starter also allows you to message coaches through the app.

The Starter app is ideal for students from 6th grade to community college.


  • Freshman Year

    Begin filming games and start building your athletic/academic resume.

  • Sophomore Year

    Begin emailing coaches,have highlight film available to send.Attend a local camp.

  • Junior Year

    Narrow list down,also visit schools to see facilities and meet players and coaches.

  • Senior Year

    Sign scholarship offer.

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